Scope of Work

PNCECS works with different ministries and governmental institutions as well as with non- governmental centers, organizations and associations concerned with education, culture and science .

The work of PNCECS is not limited to addressing the international organizations and following up the projects submitted to them , but also to nominate the professionals from different sectors to participate in symposiums , meetings , workshops and conferences held outside Palestine by those organizations, and to participate in the activities of the Arab Union of Technical Education and the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils.

PNCECS also follows up the participants from their  leaving till their return back including several administrative and financial procedures, an  their reports and distributes such reports to the concerned institutions .

PNCECS also follows up the projects and programs submitted by the Palestinian non- governmental organizations and institutions to Anna Leand Euro-Med Foundation which was established in 2004 by an official meeting of the Foreign ministers of the European and Arab Countries looking over the Mediterranean Sea. PNCECS was mandated to be the coordinator between this Foundation and the Palestinian non –governmental organizations and institutions working in Palestine.

PNCECS works within the scope of the sectors of education, higher education, culture, science, information, communication antiquities, and cultural heritage, women, children and youth.