Our Objectives

To make communication between the Arab, International and Islamic organization specialized in education, culture, Science and communication on one hand, and the Palestinian governmental and non- governmental national institutions inside Palestine, and the Palestinian educational institutions and cultural centers outside Palestine on the other hand, and enable them to study and evaluate their programs.

To enable the Palestinian educational, Cultural and scientific institutions and Centers to benefit from the programs and projects of the international, Arab and Islamic organizations.

To make intellectual, cultural and educational communication between the Palestinian people inside Palestine and outside Palestine.

To make efforts with the international organizations in order to enable Palestine and the Palestinian intuitions to have the rights and advantages of the complete membership, and participation in their functions; and to train the Palestinian cadres on modern methods of the  educational process, Cultural development, international administration and communication means.

To active the relations of partnership with the international Organization in order to study and implement their objectives and programs to active international peace, justice and understanding through education , culture and Science.