Our Message

To contribute to building the infrastructure of the education , Cultural and scientific instructions, to prepare and rehabilitate the Palestinian human educationally, culturally and scientifically; to generalize communicating knowledge and experiences to the Palestinian institutions so that they can go along with the process of development in order to build our Palestinian independent state and its capital, Holy Jerusalem.

To Contribute to building fair peace based on intellectual and spiritual solidarity among humans through preserving the values which form the highness of the human being, represented in the values of freedom , democracy, dignity , mutual respect , justice , understanding and achieving the peace which is based on the principles of UNESCO and United Nations.

To contribute to achieve the intellectual unity of the Arab nation, to communicate the Arab civilizational message to the world through active participation in the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Origination ( ALECSO) , to enhance Understanding through education , culture and science and communication with the Islamic nation through our active participation in the Islamic Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) .

To contribute to make the Arab Islamic culture as the topic of the curricula education all its stages, to be open to universal culture, to emphasize our peoples national and personal identity, to protect the Arab and Islamic thought against the preserve the factures of the Arab and Islamic civilization in Palestine in general, and in Holy Jerusalem in particular.

To do best efforts at international , Arab and Islamic levels to emphasize the Palestinian refugees rights to education , to preserve their Palestinian national identity, to enhance their human right to return back to their homeland in accordance with the resolutions of the inter national legality.